There are 195 countries in the world, some of which are keen on kicking their fossil fuel habits and building renewable technologies. Then, there are countries that have little to no interest in developing green energy, but this might not be for a lack of desire: War-ravaged Iraq and resource-starved Somalia have bigger concerns.
Below are 15 countries that are doing a commendable job of using renewable energies. As wind and solar become cheaper, this isn’t just an environmental motivation – it’s a smart economic strategy for these countries as diverse as their locations, histories, climate, and people.
1. Finland
Finland ranked the highest in Yale University’s annual Environmental Performance Index (EPI), and an important reason why is that the country already produces around 35 percent of its energy from renewable sources, notably wind power. By 2050, the country plans for over half of its electricity to come from renewable sources.
2. Kenya
Indomitable tectonic …