The night before James Sissom got married in March, he awoke gasping for air as if there was a plastic bag over his head.
It wasn’t pre-wedding jitters, nerves or cold feet. It was because, for the past week, Sissom, 35, had been climbing Mt. Everest with his fiancee Ashley Schmieder, 32, while battling asthma and elevation.
The Northern California couple’s elaborate plan to get married on Mount Everest seemed to be fading. Sissom’s condition was so bad the couple and their crew almost decided to scrub the mission the day before the couple’s wedding day, just feet from the base camp where they were going to tie the knot. A week before, a hiker died from altitude sickness, underlining the severity of Sissom’s sickness.
But on the big day, their guide deemed Sissom able to go on, thanks to an oxygen treatment. The couple got married that day at 17,500 feet elevation.
It was a dream fulfilled for the adventurous …