From finding gates to checking bags to trudging through security, flight preparations get many travelers wound up before they even step on the plane. And now, man’s best friend is easing a whole lot of airport anxiety.
More and more American airports are bringing in therapy dogs to improve the passenger experience, according to a report from Travel Pulse. And many say that our four-legged friends are critical reducing stress and starting the journey off right.
These highly popular pet programs can now be found at over 30 airports across the country, according to San Diego Airport, whose own “Ready, Pet, Go” program has dogs socializing with roughly 200 passengers during two-hour shifts.
Typically found in a kerchief or vest labeled “Pet Me”, the pups pad around airport terminals with trained handlers, spreading love to travelers from all walks of life.
Like animal visits to hospitals, nursing homes, offices or prisons, pet therapy has serious …