Three 11-year-old friends who had just finished taking a summer lifeguarding course are being praised for their quick thinking after pulling two swimmers from water at a Surrey, B.C., beach.  
Georgia Springate, Kate Hunter and Lily Cox were at Crescent Beach earlier this month, jumping off the pier and splashing around in the water, when they noticed two people caught up in a current.
“This girl was in the water — I think she was about 20 — and her friend had asked us to go help her, so we swam over,” Georgia told Gloria Macarenko, CBC’s guest host of On The Coast.
Lily pulled the woman to the pier while the other two girls attempted to get the second swimmer — believed to be about 13 and fully clothed — to safety.
“We tried to help her get to the ladder but the current was too strong,” Georgia said. “So we tried to bring her to the shore and then …