Daryl Davis stands with the robe of a former KKK member in his home in Silver Spring, Md. (Rachel Chason/The Washington Post)
Scott Shepherd is a former grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. Daryl Davis is a black blues musician who has been befriending white supremacists for 30 years, trying to convert them.
When Shepherd first heard about Davis five years ago, he was dumbfounded.
“I thought he was nuts,” said Shepherd, 58, of South Haven, Miss. “I told him he was a total crackpot.”
But over the course of dozens of phone calls, several visits and countless conversations about music, the two became friends — so much so that Shepherd now proudly calls himself a “reformed racist” and says Davis is a brother to him.
Davis, 59, has met and befriended many Klan members over the years, connecting over subjects such as family and music. Davis, an R&B musician who played the piano …