Logic found himself in his “dark place” in late 2015, according to an interview with the New York Post.
Logic found his proverbial “light” by learning the power of one word to deal with his anxiety: no.
“I turn down really well-paid shows all over the world because I want to spend more time with my wife and myself,” he told the Post. “I could sit here and think, ‘I got all these people around me that I need to pay,’ which is true … but ain’t nobody getting paid if I’m dead.”
The first verse of “1-800” is sung from the perspective of a person who has given up on their life and is ready to end it. The second verse, fronted by Alessia Cara, showcases the response of a suicide hotline crisis worker.
“It’s holding on though the road’s long / And seeing light in the darkest things / And when you …