CINCINNATI – It’s too bad they don’t have Olympics for cows. If they had, a Cincinnati cow might have won the high jumping gold medal.
There’s no telling whether the snow white Charolais had an inkling of the fate that awaited her as she moved down the slaughterhouse line at Ken Meyer Meats in Camp Washington that day in 2002.
But that 1,050-pound cow could have jumped over the moon.
She jumped from a standstill position over a 6-foot fence and literally ran for her life, setting off an adventure that ultimately touched the hearts and spirits of people around the world.
Her great escape, starting on Feb. 15, turned into an 11-day game of hide and seek in the heavy brush at Mount Storm Park in Clifton. She was able to forage for food while eluding traps, SPCA officials and police with tranquilizer guns, and even a professional cowboy hired to rope her …