A stunning video captured the moment a group of Tropical Storm Harvey victims in Texas braved raging floodwaters to rescue a dog that had been swept away in a current.
The clip, posted on FOX59, shows a young man in a life jacket and tether strap wading into chest-deep rushing water moving toward a cluster of trees. For a moment, he fumbles in the lower branches, then urgently signals to the group to pull him out.
It takes several people tugging against the fast-moving current to retrieve the rescuer, but when he emerges, he’s clutching Bandit — the black and white spotted pup swept away in the flooding. When Bandit shakes off the water the group lets out a cheer.
The rescue happened Tuesday along Beaver Brook Street in Lumberton, according to witness Kavan Wise, after a group of teens tried crossing a bridge on an ATV and got stuck. One boy hopped off …