There’s no one taking full advantage of Tesla’s unlimited mileage warranty and relatively free Supercharger network like Tesloop, a transport company offering rides exclusively in Tesla vehicles in California.
One of their vehicles, a Model S, has reached 300,000 miles yesterday and they now shared their experience with the electric car.
In order to get the vehicle to 300,000 miles, Tesloop says that it spent a total combined maintenance and fuel costs of $10,492 over two years with a total of 12 days in the shop.
Tesloop’s cost analysis estimates that they would have ended up spending between $70,000 and $86,000 in fuel cost and maintenance if they were offering the same service in comparable gas-powered cars and pushing them to 300,000 miles while sticking to their maintenance schedule.
The company provides ride between cities like LA, San Diego, Orange County and Palm Springs, and they almost exclusively rely on Tesla’s Superchargers to charge …