One thing that happens in a new relationship is that you start getting confused about who gets credit for what.
Was I this good a salsa dancer with my ex?
He (or she) totally cries during This Is Us, just like I do!
Did I always like shrimp and grits, or does new bae just cook them better than Grandma did?
In the real world, your friends who’ve known you will set the record straight: You were never a good salsa dancer and still aren’t. You said the same thing when you and your ex watched the first season of Being Mary Jane, and you’ve always liked grits; you literally have a Groupon for Quaker Oats.
When it comes to politics, unlike relationships, cause and effect aren’t so clear. Did 9/11 happen because President George W. Bush screwed up or because President Bill Clinton didn’t kill Osama bin Laden when he had the chance? Did …