Who knew getting fired could taste so good?
This week, Burger King is offering customers who were recently been fired from their jobs free Whoppers as part of its new “Whopper Severence” package.
The deal, which is available Tuesday through Friday, is available to anyone who was recently terminated, but first they would have to “publicly confess on LinkedIn” that they were fired. Applicants will also need to indicate their desire for a free burger by using the “#whopperseverance” hashtag, according to the Whopper Severence website.
After typing out their message and allowing Burger King to access their LinkedIn page, terminated employees will be sent a link in order to register for their full “Whopper Severance package.” The package, including a gift card to the restaurant, would be delivered to the person.
In total, the fast food chain said it intends to distribute some 2,500 free Whopper sandwiches, according to Business Insider.  
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