Aug. 29 (UPI) — A firefighter in Connecticut performed a daring rescue after being lowered down the side of a cliff to save a stranded dog.
Fire departments from Hamden and Woodbridge worked with Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and animal control officers to rescue the dog, found stranded on a rocky ledge at 10:59 a.m. on Saturday.
“Firefighter Scott Blake was lowered 60 feet to reach the trapped pit-bull mix,” Hamden fire said. “It took some time for the firefighter to gain the trust of the dog, who appeared to have minor injuries consistent with exposure and scrambling on unstable rocky ledges.”
The rescue took about two hours as Blake used Woodbridge Animal Control equipment to get a hold of the dog and the two were lowered down the side of the cliff where Woodbridge firefighters awaited them.
Woodbridge Regional Animal Control Officer Ashley Sakelarakis told The Dodo the dog was hungry and …