HOUSTON: Indian-Americans in Texas, especially the youth, are helping hundreds of people affected by catastrophic floods caused due to Hurricane Harvey by giving food, shelter and medical assistance.
Though they themselves are affected, the Indian-Americans have formed numerous volunteer groups by using Facebook and Whatsapp to communicate details about the families affected in each locality.
Temples, Gurdwaras, mosques and several restaurants have opened their doors to provide shelter to the victims.
Indian restaurants have been reaching out to people with free food and providing water, medical supplies, toiletries, baby food and cleaning supplies.
Approximately 150,000 Indian-Americans and Indians live in the greater Houston Area, according to Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of greater Houston Executive Director, Jagdip Ahluwalia, who is a long-time Houstonian.
“This time the power of young and dynamic is really visible as first generation Indian-American teenage kids are enthusiastically registering for providing Harvey relief at major shelters and food banks under the banner …