Tired of hearing all the negativity in the news? Here’s a really uplifting story! Lift More Fitness, a gym devoted to power-lifting and bodybuilding, off of SR 50 in Brooksville, is helping some local residents lift their spirits. Owner, Mike Oliva, wanted to do something positive for Hernando county and make a difference, so his gym is currently offering free membership to Special Olympics athletes. They can work out for free any day, any time, but Mondays and Wednesdays are specifically dedicated to them. Most usually show up around 5 pm. The average age of the Special Olympics athletes who regularly work out at Lift More ranges from 18 to mid-30’s.
The idea was born when Oliva’s longtime friend, Coach Jim Coleman, of Special Olympics Hernando county inquired if a few of his athletes could come in once in awhile.
Since Mike was looking for a way to give …