29 months ago, Riona Kelly, 37, was told she’d never walk again after a stroke left her paralysed.
But now not only can the mother-of-four walk, she can jump. And it’s largely down to the support of her personal trainer turned partner, Keith Mason, with whom she found love.
In March 2015, Kelly fell down the stairs and suffered a rare spinal stroke, which left her paralysed from her waist down. 
Her then husband of 14 years claims he told her he wanted a divorce the day before she had the stroke, but Kelly says it happened afterwards.
But she’s now moved on and is looking forward to the future with her new partner, ex-rugby player and personal trainer Keith Mason, 35, who has helped her defy doctors’ expectations.
Kelly was originally told she would be able to take her first steps six weeks after her stroke, but those six weeks came and went, and …