Bullied for his weight and sexuality, Adam Harrison was spiralling into despair.
As a teenager, Adam loved rugby, but was unable to find a place within it. He didn’t think he’d ever fulfil his dream of playing in a team. Now he blazes a trail as a coach, player, inspiring a new generation of LGBTQ players.
He explains how rugby rescued him…
Rugby became the most important thing when it saved my life.
My depression had led me to have vivid images of self-harm. I began spiralling and flying through several dark emotions in spells that lasted minutes.
Over time, through my team and through rugby, I’ve grown exponentially as a person, and now I cannot imagine my life without my rugby family.
Kicking off
I was so young when it first began, before I even really knew myself or what was going on. I became ashamed of myself and my body.
After …