Fourteen-year-old Tyler Frank used Siri to help call the Coast Guard and get herself, and her family, rescued from Hurricane Harvey floodwaters.

By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield
PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Stranded outside in the rising waters of Hurricane Harvey, feverish and in great pain, 14-year-old Tyler Frank tried desperately to think of ways to get herself and her family to safety.
Calling 911 didn’t work. Begging for help on Facebook and Instagram failed, too.
“I was like — Siri’s smart enough! Let me ask her!” Tyler said.
And indeed Siri was smart enough. With one inquiry to the Apple personal assistant — “Siri, call the Coast Guard” — Tyler got her whole family rescued after two days out in the storm.
It happened in the nick of time. Tyler suffers from a genetic disorder called sickle cell anemia. When Harvey hit, she suffered a sickle cell crisis, as her stiff and oddly shaped red blood cells clogged up her blood vessels and prevented oxygen from reaching parts of her body.
The pain of a sickle cell crisis …