A couple in Rosenberg, Texas, saved their home and all of their possessions amid the unprecedented flooding causing by Hurricane Harvey by building an Aqua Dam around their property.
Once again, Texas displayed the true spirit of self-reliance.
Randy and Jennifer Socha told KPRC-TV that their home was hit $150,000 worth of flood damage in 2016, so the couple knew they needed to act when they saw Hurricane Harvey barreling toward Texas.
They paid $18,000 for the Aqua Dam and it was reportedly delivered from Louisiana in just hours.
KPRC-TV has more details on how the aqua dam works:
The Aqua Dam has watertight inner and outer tubes made of strong fabric. The tubes fill up with on-site water that needs to be pumped out.
Randy Socha said he and his wife pumped water out for three to four days as flooding continued, but the hard work was worth it in the end.
Socha told Click2Houston.com the …