A honey badger spotted in a giraffe area of Kenya was one of the surprises of a crowd-sourced conservation project involving San Diego Zoo Global, officials said Tuesday.
“We all believed that honey badgers did not venture within the Loisaba Conservancy area; but through our past batch of photos, we found an image of a honey badger roaming the area,” said Jenna Stacy-Dawes, research coordinator for San Diego Zoo Global.
“It was a great find that may have taken us a very long time to notice without the help of our website volunteers.”
More than 4,000 volunteers around the world helped San Diego Zoo Global complete more than two years of conservation work in only two months.
The online watchers took part in a giraffe tracking project through San Diego Zoo Global’s WildwatchKenya.org, which launched in June.
Since then, volunteers have made more than 1 million classifications and retired almost 100,000 …