Most of the time, people adopt animals. But in this case, a cat adopted a man. This is a story that is sure to make you smile.
Imgur user Nigeltown — who I’ll call Nigel for the sake of the article — shared a sweet and hilarious photo story that warms the heart. After a long day, he returned home to a find a cat in his house. The thing is, though, he didn’t have a cat before he left. Now he did.
Can you imagine coming home to this?
Nigel presumed the cat must have come through an open window and just made himself at home.
Nigel decided the little guy must be hungry, so he ran out to the store to go get him some food and other cat supplies. As the cat ate, Nigel writes that he was meowing and purring like crazy.
Later the next day, Nigel canvased his neighborhood to …