SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of protesters, including local politicians, marched through downtown San Diego Monday to call for more rights for workers as part of a Labor Day demonstration.
Marchers said now that they’ve won a $15 per hour California minimum wage, which will be in place statewide by 2022, they were speaking out against unfair treatment of workers and calling for unionization for all.
“There’s still a lot of issues that are happening at workplaces,” said protester Paola Martinez-Montes. Hours are still being cut, they’re still being treated unfairly, we still hear of people not being allowed to use the restroom.
Martinez-Montes said she believes that unionization will fix these issues in workplaces that are currently non-union, including most minimum-wage jobs.
“We have people who have UTIs because (their employers) won’t let them use the bathroom,” she said.
Protesters, escorted by police, marched through city streets starting at San Diego City College and stopping at …