Throughout the summer, 101.9 The Giant in Sydney, Nova Scotia had a contest where if you listened to the Giant at work, they could come and deliver lunch! Entries came in from all over the island, but one, from a from a Cape Bretoner abroad, Carolyn Andrews, read as follows:
“I live in Hong Kong and listen to 101.9 the giant everyday! Teachers at my school now know the Giant – we have teachers from all over the world – will you deliver to us :)”
Over the next few weeks, the team put together all of the logistical processes in place, and set off.  The plan was for Glen Fewer of Louisbourg Seafoods to take lobsters to Hong Kong where he would be attending a trade show.  Meeting up with Cape Breton ex-pat now living in Hong Kong, Paul MacLean, the two cooked and assembled 20 Lobster sandwiches in a small …