Detroit — After two years of declining homicide numbers, Detroit had 302 homicides in 2016, according to crime statistics released Wednesday.
Other crimes, such as carjackings, robberies and nonfatal shootings, declined, according to figures from the Police Department.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig noted the uptick Wednesday of seven homicides in 2016, noting that for cities that have seen dramatic crime reduction, such as Los Angeles and New York, it didn’t happen in a couple of years.
“Not waving a flag of success, but progress certainly …” Craig said during a news conference at police headquarters Wednesday afternoon. “What we’re seeing here, we are on the right track. I’m absolutely confident.”
The city’s population is 677,116, breaking the 302 homicides down to 44.6 per 100,000 residents, giving Detroit still one of the highest murder rates in the country. In 1987, the city reached a 30-year high for homicides at 686, a rate of 63 …