Alexis Hillyard smirks mischievously as she uses her stump as a spatula to scrape avocado from its skin.
The Edmonton woman cooks up delicious vegan, gluten-free meals, all with just one hand.
Hillyard, 34, isn’t shy about her disability. Her YouTube cooking series Stump Kitchen is a lighthearted look at her culinary skills, complete with plenty of tongue-in-cheek stump humour.
In the weekly segments, filmed in her home kitchen, she fries, bakes and sautées while extolling all the ways her stump is her most industrious cooking tool.
“It’s a great lemon and lime juicer so you don’t really need a juicer if you have a stump,” Hillyard said in an interview with CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM.  “It’s great for scraping batter out a bowl, really good for mashing avocados. It’s just fantastic.
“It’s also really good for dishes because you can get it into dishes that you couldn’t get your hand into. It’s really amazing.”
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