A week ago Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast bringing winds over 130 miles per hour and rainfall measured in feet not inches. It was a scary time for Texas, where flat coastal plains are subject to flooding under considerably less taxing conditions. Lakes and rivers filled to overflowing. Water spilled out of carefully engineered dams, flood plains, and levees. Fallen trees took down power lines. Streets and yards and houses disappeared under water. Over 30,000 people evacuated to shelters.
Knowing from past storms how quickly our barn and horse pasture flood, my family evacuated the day before the storm hit. We brought with us my parents, two dogs, and two horses, and headed for central Texas, where we have a ranch about a half hour outside of Fredericksburg. Eventually a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons joined us as well.
Staying together with so many people in the small house …