Over the last few years, Chance The Rapper has become one of America’s—and, specifically, Chicago’s—loudest, most tireless advocates for teachers and public schools, raising millions in funding for Chicago-area education and funding numerous programs through his SocialWorks nonprofit.
Now, Chance and his team have found a new way to show support for America’s educators, announcing a brand new annual awards show, The Twilight Awards, to recognize “teachers, parents, principals, and students that convey leadership” in Chicago-area schools. Chance isn’t skimping on using a little celebrity clout to promote the event, either, announcing that it’ll feature plenty of guest performances, and will be hosted by CBS late-night host James Corden.
The Twilight Awards were just the last of several announcements that Chance made during a speech at the SocialWorks Summit yesterday; he also discussed the expansion of the New Chance Fund, which supports arts and literature education, and named another new host …