(May 19, 2015) On May 5, 2015, the New Zealand Parliament unanimously passed the Animal Welfare Amendment Act (No. 2) 2015, which includes an amendment to the long title of the principal legislation, the Animal Welfare Act 1999, in order to specifically recognize animals as sentient. (Animal Welfare Amendment Act (No 2) 2015, s 4, New Zealand Legislation website; see also Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, New Zealand Parliament website (last visited May 19, 2015).)
The amended long title now states that the statute is an Act
(a) to reform the law relating to the welfare of animals and the prevention of their ill-treatment; and, in particular,—
(i) to recognise that animals are sentient:
(ia) to require owners of animals, and persons in charge of animals, to attend properly to the welfare of those animals:
(iii) to provide a process for approving the use of animals in research, testing, and teaching:
Previously, animals …