LOS ANGELES — Hurricane Harvey hit home for Los Angeles Chargers team chairman Dean Spanos, who has a nephew who works in the construction business in Dallas and Houston.
“Everybody knows what happened in Houston,” Spanos said. “It’s one of these awful disasters that you see. Here in California we’ve seen the wildfires, which have just been horrible over the last decade.
“So you see this on television, you have friends and family there, and you just feel compelled to do something because you want to help.”
Along with donating $500,000, the Chargers filled two semitrailers with food and supplies Wednesday at a Vons supermarket near downtown Los Angeles with about 60,000 pounds of supplies that will be directly donated to the Houston Food Bank and Red Cross.
The Chargers took a cue from Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, who has raised an impressive $27 million and counting for the people in his …