Even before the worst of Hurricane Harvey began, dog lover Betty Walter was prepared.
According to Today.com, in anticipation of the storm, the 44-year-old woman had rounded up four of her own dogs, a handful of foster dogs awaiting adoption, as well as some friends’ and neighbors’ dogs into her care. As they awaited rescue, the group stowed away in her attic in southeast Houston, hoping to avoid the rising flood waters. It was challenging to get all the pups up into the roost of her one-story home; some of them were small and easy to carry, but others — like a Great Pyrenees — required some ingenuity. Walter fashioned some makeshift stairs to get the 120-lb. dog up to safety.
With anxiety over the ever-increasing water level, her phone battery, and food and drinking water, Walter put out various messages about her situation onto social media. “I was not going to leave the dogs,” …