As Floridians waited in dread for Hurricane Irma on Sunday evening, the Gainesville Police Department posted photographs on Facebook of officers preparing for the night ahead.
One particular selfie of three Gainesville officers was, well, easy on the eyes. And in the photo’s comments, the ladies of northern Florida did not hold back.
“I feel faint … send help!”
“I feel safer just looking at this picture.”
“I can’t believe how many women are objectifying these poor, fine, young, strong, handsome, brave, sexy, delicious, virile, ovulation-inducing, mouth-watering, beefy….. I can’t remember where I was going with this,” one comment read.
“Do a calender, add puppies and I’m pretty sure we can rebuild Texas and Florida.”
The photo clearly drew interest in the days that followed, circulating far beyond Gainesville. But it was the endless stream of flirtatious comments that brought welcome comedic relief to those facing evacuations, power outages and flood damage from Irma. By Wednesday night, the post had been …