Islamorada Beer Company co-founder, Jose Herrera considers himself a lucky man today. On the phone, he updates New Times on his brewery and taproom’s status. “We were blessed. My partner, Chris, took a boat to the Keys yesterday and found no structural damage to the building.
That being said, the beer maker paints a grim picture of the Florida Keys’ current status. “Marathon got hit really, really hard and there’s no way to know how Key West is. There’s zero communication in the Keys.”
The Florida Keys took a direct hit when Hurricane Irma made landfall in the island chain early Sunday.
Herrera said that the residents and businesses of the Keys are his friends and neighbors. “I know the locals that drink here and the restaurants that serve our beer.” With that, he and his partners decided to spring into action.
The brewers have rented a trailer to fill with supplies. “We’re …