A local buncherman was tight lining at the Elephant Hill fire on Aug. 11 when a baby snowshoe hare, also called a leveret, ran out from the fire and right onto the buncher’s path, according to Faith Andre, who’s taking care of the little hopper.
The hare was dodging left and right and jumping over burning logs, she tells.
“The buncherman got out of his machine and was able to catch the hare. He brought him inside the buncher where he remained for eight hours.”
The buncherman put water into his sandwich container and placed the hare in it to cool off his burning feet. Then he spent the two hour drive home in his lunch kit, according to Andre.
“The next day he was taken to the vet where his injuries were assessed. 95 per cent of his body was burned, his fur was quite crispy. His feet and neck were badly burned …