A group of Syrian refugees have responded to Hurricane Irma by cooking feasts for victims. 
Abeer and Nora al-Sheikh Bakri, two sisters, fled their homeland in 2012 and settled in Georgia four years later. 
After witnessing the destruction, they drove an hour to the Hamzah Islamic Centre in the city of Alpharetta, where they were told 39 evacuees were staying. 
They then prepared a range of traditional Middle Eastern dishes and refused to take any payment for the food. 
“I called my sister Nora and we got cooking,” Abeer, 28, told HuffPost. “We were uprooted from war. We know the feeling of leaving everything behind.”
Her sister, Nora, 30, said they did not want others to feel the way they had. 
“I was so afraid when we heard about the hurricane. Especially us Syrians. We’re already traumatised,” she said. “I wanted to be able to help these people, so that these people can feel happiness. So they don’t …