Yesterday, 14 former nurses, all of whom began their studies in 1967 at the since-closed Charitable Infirmary, on Jervis Street, gathered at Wynn’s Hotel.
“From 21, four died, and that left us with 17,” she said.
“I was just sitting in the house around a year ago and I was speaking to my husband,” she said.
Some of her former colleagues had started new lives abroad in places such as Dubai, Australia and the US, and some she couldn’t get in touch with.
“It was with great difficulty I located them,” she added.
She also inquired at the Holles Street Hospital in Dublin and was initially told it couldn’t give out the details of one of its former nurses.
“I told them I wasn’t going to murder her or anything and eventually they rang her and passed on the message,” Ms Leavy said.
It was the first time the group had got together in …