SEATTLE, Washington — Raised in New York, Immortal Technique (real name Felipe Andres Coronel) has occupied the underground music circuit with his racy artistry and impeccable flow for more than a decade. He’s renowned as a monstrous lyricist, but Coronel’s amazing intellect takes him beyond the realm of rapping and into detailed, conscious analysis of third-world struggles and impoverished populations.
The gritty Peruvian-born artist got his first taste of success in August 2005, when his name appeared on promotional stickers for the first International Hip-Hop Summit during the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students in Venezuela. The event’s purpose was to attract as many youth and students from across the globe to share cultures, promote active participation in democracy and to “[fight]against imperialism and war.”
Roughly one year later, Coronel worked on a farm in his native Peru while creating initiatives that gave back to Middle Eastern youth. His efforts soon sparked a conversation with nonprofit Omeid International founder Shamsia Razaqi, who proposed the …