Identical twin sisters gave birth just hours apart in the same hospital – while their partners, who are both called William, were at their side.
Rachel McGeoch and Beccy Pistone, 34, had their deliveries in adjacent wards at Mount Auburn Hospital, in Massachusetts in the US.
Ms Pistone had earlier travelled to the clinic with her husband William ‘Todd’ Pistone to comfort her sister Ms McGeoch as she went into labour – and then went into labour herself.
She was put into a room next door to Ms McGeoch, who was with her fiance William Bubenicek – but still managed to celebrate when Ms McGeoch gave birth hours later.
“Bec and crew were banging on the walls as they heard our baby William born!” Ms McGeoch wrote on Facebook about the delivery on 15 August.
“Bec had not made much progress, the baby was in the wrong position and she was stalled,” said Ms McGeoch. “We knew …