SYRACUSE, N.Y.— Shanetlle Preister doing her four mile walk to work struck a nerve with many of you.
Leila Giancone saw our story – and feels compelled to help.
“Going to work everyday, and how she felt like she didn’t really have a choice. I think that really touched me or impacted me because I think everyone strives for or hopes for or desires some degree of choice in their life,” explained Giancone.
Since we first told you about Shantell’s extreme commute – 2 bus rides and miles of walking to get from Syracuse to Jamesville Penitentary.
We’ve been flooded with messages from people who want to help buy her a car, give her a bike, even throw the expectant mother a baby shower.
“I’ve been speaking with some of my friends and I think the hope is that no one should ever feel alone, and just knowing the community is there and supporting,” …