A gay man in Sydney, Australia, was being beaten by a group of straight men shouting homophobic slurs when a trio of drag queens named Ivy Leaguee, Coco Jumbo, and Vybe saved him.
“Those boys shit themselves, they weren’t ready for some drag queens on top of them,” Ivy said.
Ivan Flinn, 34, left a bar after midnight on August 6 on Oxford Street, the heart of the gayborhood in Darlinghurst, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. He went to a nearby kebab restaurant and walked in on some straight men yelling at drag queens.
The three queens who would later save Flinn were in the restaurant having an after-work kebab when a group of men started calling the queens homophobic slurs.
Flinn heard the verbal abuse. “There were heaps of homophobic slurs, ‘you fucking faggot, you queer cunt,’ all the slurs you can possibly imagine,” he told news.com.au.
One of the men turned to Ivy …