“It’s horrible really, what they’re doing”. Between 2013 and 2015, conversations with strangers, once they’d found out I worked in the wind industry, were consistently mournful. “All that stuff the government says about wind farms. It’s just getting worse”. I’d nod along and we’d both trail off, having run out of sad things to say.
Despair feels totally infinite. We wouldn’t despair if it didn’t. We love glancing back at a downward trend and projecting that forward forever. The presumption that the clean energy industry’s woes were eternal was unjustified, in retrospect.
Australian investment in renewable energy has recovered from a major downturn, and there’s a viscous flow of new wind and solar projects coming down the pipeline, alongside some new innovations like battery storage, solar thermal and wind power that can provide grid stability services.
Okay, I know. Long-term policy, post-2020, isn’t looking great. We’re seeing a weird switcheroo of climate policy. …