CLAY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A group of friends who were riding motorcycles Sunday had the privilege of helping an elderly woman with an unexpected request.
Levi Hicks from Mason County, West Virginia says they were stopped at a gas station in Clay when a blind elderly lady approached them and explained that riding on a motorcycle was on her bucket list.
Hicks was happy to oblige, and the lady named Sue gingerly got on the back of his bike, held on tight, and Hicks took her for a ride around the parking lot.
Hicks says when they started moving she let out a “Woohoo!”
They made sure to get a picture that Sue could send her son so he wouldn’t think she was making the story up.
They say Sue couldn’t stop smiling.
“Not only did this make her day, but it made mine as well,” Hicks said.