When you think of graffiti, you probably think of teenage boys in hoodies.
When you take graffiti up a few levels and get into street art, you’ll probably think of Banksy.
Notice anything missing from those pictures?
Oh, right. It’s women.
A Nasty Women exhibition is coming to the UK this week and it’s set to inspire us all
If you haven’t noticed, the world of graffiti is dominated by boys and men, with hardly any girls getting to try the art form out for themselves.
One artist, who goes by GIRL MOBB, is trying to change that.
GIRL MOBB is the creator of Graffiti Camp for Girls, a scheme that provides week-long courses for girls to learn all about street art.
‘The ideas of graffiti have catered to gender roles,’ GIRL MOBB tells metro.co.uk.
‘Graffiti is considered aggressive, “dangerous”, daring and masculine.
‘It hasn’t fit in with the forced behavioral cultural model that girls have had to chew …