Colby and Alyssa Hacker’s 18-month-old son, Owen, has one favorite thing to do: he likes to tell everyone he sees “hi” and “bye.”
Alyssa found herself killing time at Target in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with Owen this weekend while they were visiting her mother-in-law in nearby Wister, Oklahoma. She wasn’t surprised, she told TODAY Parents, when her son suddenly yelled out “Hi!” while he was in her cart playing with three stuffed dinosaurs he had spotted in the toy aisle. But what happened next did surprise her.
The only person around them in the aisle was an older gentleman who turned around and addressed Owen directly, Alyssa said. “Hi, sweet boy,” he said, and he began playing with the dinosaurs with her son.
Although she is often on guard with strangers, especially around her child, Alyssa said she didn’t have any uneasy feelings at that moment with this man. “That’s …