SEVIERVILLE — Billy Marshall literally doesn’t know what hit him.
An Air Force veteran, Marshall, who specialized in explosive ordnance disposal, was riding in a Humvee in Iraq and had gotten out of the vehicle to inspect a road side.
It was Oct. 16, 1992, his wife Krista’s birthday, when the bomb went off.
“To this day, I don’t know what it was,” he said at the kitchen table of his log cabin home in Sevierville.
He does know that what happened started a week of excruciating pain he managed without any painkillers, that it took him to Saudi Arabia, Germany and finally the U.S., that it resulted in at least eight operations that he can recall and months of rehabilitation.
“At one point (in Iraq) they were going to operate on my hand just using acupuncture,” he said. “I went into convulsions, so they called it off.”
He knows that he received a Purple Heart and a Meritorious Service Award, …