The profanity sprayed onto Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Seattle’s mosque just outside Monroe was painted over early Saturday morning by an anonymous resident. The fresh coat nearly matches the shade of the original gray exterior.
Local chapter president Irfan Chaudhry told attendees of the ad hoc Coffee, Cake and True Islam event held Sunday afternoon it was accomplished by a good Samaritan. He said he doesn’t believe the act of vandalism that occurred last week at 23515 Old Owen Road is representative of Monroe or Snohomish County as whole.
Volunteers who run the Ahmadiyya’s weekly food bank found “F*** U” written on the building in black graffiti on Friday morning. They covered up other words spray painted in yellow, which made it unreadable.
The work could be seen from Old Owen Road. Chaudhry said the plan is to print “Love for all, Hatred for none” where the message was drawn; it’s the …