Breaking up with your lover can sometimes be the toughest thing to do. From moving over the person you loved to turning a new page in life all by yourself, break-ups leave you in a state of loneliness. In such times, a helping hand, even from a stranger, comes as a saving grace. Something similar happened with this woman after she had an ugly break-up with her partner.
For the woman, it was a coffee shop’s staff who came to her rescue in time of her grief. To express her gratitude, she left a heart melting ‘thank you’ note for them. Sharing it, a Reddit user ‘goldenboy2191’ wrote: “Yesterday a woman came through our stand upset, we hooked her up with her drink on us. Today, we received this.”
Read her original note here.
“To the Tuesday September 5 morning staff,
You all are too good for this world.
Imagine finding out that …