Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale, both 65, were supposed to go on a trip with their best friend Ron Hopper but he tragically died of cancer.
So, the two best anglers decided the best way to honour their late fisherman friend was to turn his ashes into bait for a “legendary catch”.
Keen fisherman Mr Hopper, 64, from Hull, East Yorkshire, was given just weeks to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive liver cancer in December.
The trio, all from Hull, went fishing in Thailand last year as a retirement holiday and had booked a return this April.
But, sadly the former marine engineer lost his battle with cancer on December 22 and was cremated three weeks later.
According to Mr Fairbrass and Mr Dale, their deceased friend told them on his deathbed that he wanted them to use his ashes as fish bait.
He said if he couldn’t go to Thailand himself then his …