When Sheza Hasan came home earlier this week, she was surprised to find a mysterious box had been left on her front porch. When she opened it up, she found 25 handmade dolls made of fabric and sporting a variety of colourful outfits.
What made them truly special for Hasan, though, was that they were all wearing hijabs.
“It’s not just any act of kindness. It’s something someone really thought about and put the time and effort in,” she said. “My kids were in awe; we’ve been talking about it for three days. They’re amazed that someone would put so much energy into putting this together.”
Hasan says she has no idea who gave her the dolls but they know who she is. The box came with a card that said, “I noticed that dolls wearing hijabs seem hard to find. Not being part of the Muslim community myself, I’m not sure who to give them to but I thought you might.”
The …