Firefighter Dan Estrada saved a blind dog who had gone missing in woods for 8 days.
Sage a 12-year-old Labrador is blind and had gone missing eight days earlier-wandering off from her house one day in late night.
Her owner searched her everywhere with the help of their neighbors, but, they did not succeed to trace her.
At last, they had left the hope and thought their dog might have fallen prey to mountain lions found in large number in that area.
However, one day when firefighter Dan Estrada and his friend Vincent Lopez planned to spend some time together in the beautiful redwood forest at his home at in California’s San Lorenzo Valley.
Estrada his two dogs and Lopez dogs walked down a path down to a pretty stream. That’s where they saw the dog, who was not moving.
Estrada noticed the dog in the stream who was not moving and appeared weak.
Firefighter Dan Estrada …