Jennifer and Mark Cell Credit: Jennifer Cell

A Florida couple who opened their 27,000-square-foot mansion in Boca Raton, Florida, to 70 foster children who had to evacuate during Hurricane Irma, says they have no plans to stop helping anytime soon.
“These kids needed us — and still do,” Jennifer Bell tells PEOPLE. “Even though the hurricane is over, these kids still live in a hurricane.”
When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Jennifer and her husband, entrepreneur Marc Bell, received a call from SOS Children’s Villages letting them know that the kids — who are all orphans — had to leave their temporary shelter and sleep in cars. Marc, a former executive of Penthouse, is on the board of the children’s shelter.
“Without hesitation we said, ‘Bring them here, we’ll figure it out,’ ” says the mother of three. “They all came over and all they wanted was a shower. They hadn’t eaten and they were all very sleep-deprived.”
What was supposed to be …