Today, the USNS Comfort has embarked on a path straight for Puerto Rico to provide aid to the U.S. territory recently devastated by Hurricane Maria, the most powerful storm to land a direct hit on the island in nearly a century.
The damage caused by Hurricane Maria left the island without electricity while also subjecting residents to flash floods and mudslides.
As for the USNS Comfort, the 894? long ship has a maximum speed of approximately 20 miles per hour (17.5 knots) and is expected to reach Puerto Rico by Tuesday.
Capable of caring for at least 200 patients a day, the ship departed from Virgina equipped with enough medical supplies for at least 30 days. The ship disembarked with a crew of 800 service members, as well as 70 civil mariners.
While some view the ships departure as a slow response from the Trump administration, the USNS Comfort will bring a wide spectrum …